It was the whimsical track “Hot“. (Written as a satirical reminder that beauty standards are stupid and annoyingly transparent). That introduced me to the Boston based pop singer-songwriter Yavin last year. I was instantly charmed by this endearing track. It really pulled at my heartstrings. These effects haven’t subsided, remaining the same every time I play it, even a year later. The follow-up to “Hot” has just arrived by way of a track called “Handsy“. The track is all about love language, specifically physical touch. It’s very, very dreamy and touching in a relatable way.

Yavin has built up a reputation for lyrically thoughtful, bubbly pop releases. Where “Hot” piqued as his quirkiest offering. Because of relating to matters of the heart, “Handsy” is neither of the above. Yavin is trying something different on this song. Turning into a dreamier, emotive, sonic soundscape, somewhat reminiscent of Troye Sivan’s earlier, dreamy heartfelt, coming-of-age style pop. (The “Blue Neighborhood” era).

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Handsy” is quite a poignant song, also. Yavin shares some insight about this…

“As someone whose love language is physical touch. Quarantine had really taken a toll on me since I had suddenly been stripped of my ability to embrace any of my loved ones. My partner stuck with me during the pandemic, though, and lucky for us, both we share the same love language. This song is my thank you to him”.

Produced by Gregory Dillon, “Handsy” is Yavin sharing a different kind of vulnerability. His feelings towards his partner. Therefore, the track is particularly romantically scented in sound, sonics and lyrical allure. It sounds very, good though. He was right to branch out it has worked and how incredible it must feel to have a song like this written about and for the special someone in your life. With the help of Gregory Dillon, Yavin has found a sound that should – and probably will – melt the coldest of hearts. My hope is he (Yavin) might consider dipping into this dreamy style of pop some more. While still having a focus on the quirkier offerings as well. Versatility is key, when being in pop for the long haul. Yavin just proved he’s got plenty to offer to like-minded hungry pop music lovers like myself.

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