Sam Sparro

Soulful pop crooner Sam Sparro picks up on the promise of new music, as do we recall way back when to a year ago that Sam announced the beginnings of a mini EP series of releases titled Quantum Physical? Dutifully he popped the creamy smoothfullness of Volume 1’s 90’s house throwback vibe in our lives and then all went quiet on the “Quantum Physical” front.

In the heat of the summer, Sam’s back on it to bring us “Quantum Physical” Volume 2 at least and a woozily laid-back satin silky lead single in support of it.

The hazy hot-house summer vibes of which “Hands Up” plays out to couldn’t really have come from anyone other than Sam sparro if honest, excepting maybe the sensational one MNEK I guess, which is something I’ve hit upon in notice before.

Are we the hella yeah, down for this funk shot of this slicker than slick retro grooviness? In so much that we are literally bowing down into the chic dreamy ether in which Sam’s richly commanding immaculate neo soul vox takes us over the page, gate-crashing a little into the dystopian garage house scene re-visited of a nu-retro chilled boogie wonderland.