Ninsun Poli

Ninsun Poli is rather a cooler than you like name isn’t it?! A further mention that Ninsun is Swedish is all that is required in an instant to pull her up in the cool stakes to that of even cooler.

From first seeking a foothold into a music career via an embracement towards R’n’b soul, which is in-keeping with the singer / songwriters big jazzy giving vocals Ninsun has since ventured into the electronic pop territory, in doing so it is proving to be a move that is spinning off in some very interesting directions.

A year after Ninsun first began her electronic pop journey with the 4 track “Breaking Rules” EP, she is about to the tear the place up further by lending her bluesy vox into the mix of her latest vibrant dance orientated track “Great Leap Forward”.

Rolling forward with bubbling energy, the combination of soulful vox meets throbbing club hit extends Ninsun’s character into that I am now marking in comparison as a Swedish Beth Ditto.

By act of reinvention Ninsun, seems set to have massively turned her fortunes around with “Great Leap Forward”, as to my mind this is totes slaying anything else going forward into the clubs right of now.

Oh please call off the search for the song of summer “Great Leap Forward” is completely ah-maze-ing!