If the Psychedelic Furs were to continue making music it would probably sound something like Vanguard. Their new single “Goodbye” from the debut release “Sanctuary” is a great first impression for the synthpop newbies. The song opens with a dramatic instrumental leading into blissful yet simple lyrics. Their production style is a creative mix of contemporary and classic electropop. When listening to a few songs from “Sanctuary” it may seem like you’re tuned into a Yazoo Pandora station. While they have their own approach to this great genre their influences are quite clear.

“Goodbye” is exactly what synthpop needs. I am intrigued by how high pitched male vocals have gotten in synthpop music. When the scene began to rise in the 80s people fell in love with the deeper tones over the dark and playful arrangements. It is always a great feeling to hear new artists embrace the classic sound that started it all. If you’re a synthpop fanatic like we are here at EQ then you should make room in your library for Vanguard. Toss them in a playlist with Depeche Mode and De/Vision and your friends will thank you. I made this post a double play so it’s double the fun!
Goodbye by Vanguard

Shine by Vanguard