Photo by Serge Leblon

Undecided if the new Goldfrapp "Head First" album is for you or not?  Well take a listen to the newly released "Head First" megamix to excite your senses.

EQ's thoughts – I've had the album for a few days now and it's pretty much a collection of electronically lush pop numbers that are gorgeous both vocally and in it's production.  Is it the best album of 2010 as the hype would indicate?  Well – it's a good album definitely, not my favourite, but very good.  It's a lot softer than I expected, not as soft as the last album, but I could have done with a few more punchier numbers like "Strict Machine" – that's just my opinion though.

My favourite review of the album thus far comes from the ever reliable Will W which you can read here - it's pretty spot-on.  My favorite track on the album is definitely "Dreaming" with it's Depeche Mode nods in the synthline – I do hope that one is released as the next single.

Overall, Goldfrapp fans won't be disappointed.  

"Rocket" alone is worthy of single of the year.