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Photo: Laura Lewis

An artist giving up their work as a canvas of experimental opportunity to others on behalf of the artistic development involved, is an action that is well considered by promotion of a remix package bringing the material to new audiences.

So when you are the conceptual type of emerging artist who prefers to go under the gauze of obscurity, allowing your music and digital artforms to take centre-stage, a carefully considered remix package pays an even higher dividend.

Recently we called out one such very exciting new electronic act called PUZZLE, for his super cool contemporary modern debut release “Godlike”. And feel we’d like to remind you more of this because it dropped when the end of the year approached and we can all be forgiven for being pre-occupied with all that entails during the busiest time of year.

Some might say, handily a selection of remixes have just been issued, to which we are particularly feeling the vibes of the spacey disco reinterpretation by the label brand remixers outfit Midnight Riot.

The accent firmly on the upbeat and with a decadence of dystopian looped beats acting as its guide. The once deeply immersive character of the original is transformed into a fluttery, nu-disco observant re-take which offers up the opportunity to boogie on down with it and hot shoe shuffle your feet across the dancefloor. We are always up for some of that here at EQ.

The bones of what you need to know, the remix highlighted here is interstellar, however if you’d care to explore some more of the Godily good collection of mixes which surround this release, you can do so by visiting HERE