The music gods are on our side since the Brooklyn based indietronica outfit of Haerts, the same who I’ve been keenly interested with ever since they came to prominence stateside last year through their US release only of the quite excellent “Hemiplegia” EP, are ready to serve up their self titled debut album. With much hurrah about it too, as they drop “Giving Up” the first single from it, am over the moon to find that it is already available through the UK iTunes outlet.

Cutting through the song’s structure of gleamingly propulsive electro pop “Giving Up” is replete in its design as always, with an achingly genuine and compassionate vocal from front-woman Nini Fabi.

Benefiting in co-production by Jean-Philip Grobler most commonly known by his moniker of St Lucia, the buzzing electronic direction of “Giving Up” is tinged everso adeptly in equal amounts of dewy melancholy.

Don’t think for one second though that is anyway sad-pop since, quite the opposite applies. Once this baby warms through a verse and onto a chorus, the heavens open and it literally rains down in an electro-pop shower of rousing euphoria.