I am loving the most recent output from Mathew V. The Toronto based singer-songwriter, has most certainly unleashed some tunes with his tracks “Catching Feelings” and “Don’t Let Me Go.” Now I understand these tracks are leading somewhere much, bigger. To the upcoming release of his third album “Two Faced,” out August 7th, to be exact. Mathew is happy to share another new taste from the forthcoming project, by way of upbeat offering “Give It All.”

You know, outside of the boy bands I don’t hear enough of this style of electronic-pop being trailblazed by solo, male recording artists. A decline has definitely occurred. For artists, astute to bridging the gap in the market, such as Mathew is. There really is virtually next no-one else putting out pop which is in touching distance of these infectious, catchy efforts.

Mathew V states:

“I wrote “Give It All,” my latest single, as a love song to my partner. Finding that most of my songs were sad, I wanted to switch things up and express my willingness to go with the ebb and flow together.”

Regarding, ebb and flow. We’ve just been through some of the most testing times in life and for relationships. So I believe this song will be relatable to many people, especially more so than usual. With its bright production strokes, danceable melody and hopeful lyrics, “Give It All” is a song which has weathered the seasons of life and the mind. It puts the listener in a positive place, promotes optimism, and who doesn’t need to cling onto this kind of vibe right now.

This track was produced and co-written by the amazing pop duo, Fly By Midnight. Which goes some way to explain why this release is, so danceable and catchy, as with us being fans also of the duos own feel-good grooves.

Connect with Mathew V
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathewvmusic
Twitter: @mathewvmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mathewvmusic/

Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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