By Mandy Rogers

I have had Rogue a fine troupe of girls on my radar for many
months now and I’ve just been hoping that they would bud into something quite
good, because the snippets that I managed to fish out online sounded promising.

The four sassy R’n’B pop kittens have been jetting about the
circuit presenting their empowering and playful tunes and dance routines to the
clubs including the hallowed Ministry Of Sound.

Introductory effort and debut release “Girls Anthem” just
purrs with Pussy Cat Doll and Beyonce power, whilst the production is top of
the scale. As a taste of what the girls are about, it’s pretty polished and
dance pop savvy in the marketed arena of girl bands and is definitely up there
in the makings of something with a touch of special about it.

Full marks too on making waves on the debut release, it will
also form part of the soundtrack to British Rom-Com “The Knot” that will be out
in the Cinemas from the beginning of October. 

Girls Anthem (Main Edit) - Single - Rogue