Ah now this is the track I’ve been pining to hear from acclaimed pop newcomer Joel Compass!

Really, Joel has been cited as one to watch for well over a year now yet it is here on upcoming single “Girlfriends” that Joel has most reached out and taken me unflinchingly into his R’n’B pop suited portal.

Girlfriends” is just so smooth, so flowing with a umm, umm, ummmmmm knee weakening signature falsetto from Joel that positively dances light footed on a plumped bed of bass toasted beats.

Sounds better than toast and melted butter if you ask me! And sure has finally ignited the excite for Joel Compass that is possibly long overdue on my part but now I feel in a place that I could maybe quite happily absorb myself into the debut album, that is looking to be with us early next year.