When an online tip-off came from EDM trio Cash Cash with regard to unsigned up-and-coming artist Halsey, I can wholeheartedly say from the point of time that I first hit play through to deciding that Halsey offered an abundance of new music hope, it can hardly be said that I deliberated for anything than a mere few milli-seconds or so, before drafting up a feature.

Halsey played right into my appreciation of all things alternatively dark pop leaning with a knowingly brooding imprint soundscaped in haunting tones and which harboured a hint of Lorde, Charli XCX and Marina.

In all seriousness it was no surprise to learn that Halsey was soon after signed with Astralwerks.

Halsey’s first bite of the alternative pop cherry proper is seen through the official debut release of former teaser track “Ghost”, which is positively gleaming in a haunting mist of dark pop glitter and overlaid with a sensually ensuing swagger.

So good, and so not a summer boresome summer anthem either!