I distinctly remember writing about VINCINT last year and commenting about the collaboration on “Be Me” with Fly by Midnight. “Everyone involved with, this release has well-honed skills. Probably won’t be the one and only time you hear about VINCINT on this blog either”. I declared. Now seems as good as time as any to check back in on all things VINCINT, not least because he’s marked the release of his debut album “There Will Be Tears” by shining a light on a collaboration with Tegan and Sara on the track “Getaway“. Also because the album is extremely good and is one that should be added to your essential listening lists.

There has been a heavy collaborative accent on the single releases lifted off of this album, with featured guests spots by Alex Newell, Parson James and Qveen Herby. Most interestingly the team-up with Tegan and Sara occurred after VINCINT expressed his yearning to work with the sisters, with a shout-out over Twitter. Clearly, the strategy has worked because the Canadian twin-sister duo has hopped on the track “Getaway” lending their impassioned vocals, in turn giving an extra splash of glitter to the shimmering synth-pop package.

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The track is uplifting in style, and a notable highlight from the album. It is written as a celebration of finding someone and forming an instant connection with them. Like the initial awkwardness stage, doesn’t exist and everything about being with this person fits like a glove. And that you feel that you’ve known them a lifetime, although it’s only been like five minutes. It’s a truly special feeling, that doesn’t come around so often, but when it does. It is like the biggest of natural euphoric highs you can experience. And yes we are talking about ultra, glowing, cloud nine feelings.

Of the album. Through it all, VINCINT’s mission has been clear: “I make music to make you cry and make you dance,” he says. “But most importantly, to make you feel something.”

As far as I am concerned, that something would be pretty much immersed into the stunning music artistry found on the album “There Will Be Tears“. Check it out at your earliest opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

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