As soon as I saw that Radio 2 “Sounds Of The 80s” programme producer, Johnny Kalifornia (who I follow on Twitter) tweeted about a new Betty Boo single (“Get Me To The Weekend“). I was excited. I immediately knew I wanted in on this exciting pop news story also. On this blog, you will notice that I often talk about my love of 80s music. I realise I haven’t given the same attention to the 90s as I maybe should have. Many female pop music artists stood out to me, but especially Betty Boo, defined the era musically for me, personally.

Equally, I liked Cathy Dennis, Neneh Cherry and Salt-N-Pepa at the time (still do). Betty Boo took a bit of something from the music of each of these previously mentioned pop artists. Among this bunch Betty Boo (Alison Clarkson) stood out with tracks like “Doin’ the Do,” “Where Are You Baby?” and because I found her quirky edge appealed the most to me. I also started to cut my hair in a bob because of Betty Boo.

The comeback track “Get Me To The Weekend” premiered in a world exclusive on the Rylan Clark-Neal show on Saturday. The song comes out 30 years after the singer’s last solo release. During her chat with Rylan, Betty explained the meaning behind the track, saying…

“During the lockdown, every day merged into one. You didn’t think the weekend was coming. I thought I should write a track about this. Think about going out and have a holiday”.

(Check out the interview in full here (the chat starts at 19 mins).

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Within a few seconds of listening to “Get Me To The Weekend” for the first time, it felt like Betty Boo had never been away. Because a sample from The Human League track “Love Action” features on the song, I was even more in pop bliss with it.

What struck me most, and I wasn’t expecting, is how similar to Charli XCX, Betty’s vocals are. Check this out for yourself, and you will soon see what I mean by this.

Betty Boo is still doin’ the do. I am ecstatic.

In the interview with Rylan, she also mentioned she has written 2 new albums. This is too much excitement for me to take. I am dead. I will have to go and have a little lie down for the rest of the day.