Photo: Fredrik Etoall

Those spunky ladies of Icona Pop have a new track out and guess what, for what we are hoping is only to amount to for the time being, the un-phased and self-assured pop duo have released this new brashy track out to Sweden alone. BOO!

The hurrah comes in the fact that they have seen fit to up load a lyric video onto the YouTube and for once, the video streaming platform is compliant in allowing all countries access to viewing it, so whoop that in itself is a bonus.

Now we know how crazy long it took for “I Love It” to make it’s way to the UK, I think it stopped off in every world country before it spectacularly took off here, so here’s hoping that “Get Lost” might be a touch more expedient in it’s cross-over if indeed it is the plan.

Quite honestly some new Icona Pop upbeat and infectious tune making would really go down quite sweet on the listening ear at the moment and that “Get Lost” concentrates upon living life to the fullest, meaning that sometimes you should just go with your gut instinct although, sometimes being seen as reckless in doing so quite fits like a glove with the impromptu spontaneity that the summer season brings with it.

Since we are unable to actually go buy this marvel of pop almighty – let’s all “Get Lost” in this lyric video instead.