A whole year has gone by since they’ve given us any music releases, but today the pop duo Dusky Grey is back with an absolute, bop, in way of “Get Easy.” I have missed Geth and Catty, and their cheery tracks. As they always have the ability to add a good drop of sunshine to my day all by, just listening to their songs.

Dusky Grey is all about spreading truth and positivity in their lyrics. They are very strong, on sharing messages which promote relatable situations applicable to their young fanbase. But also encourage living in the moment. There is nothing more I’d rather be doing myself these days than experiencing good times and drinking in the joy of being able to go out to where I damn well, please. For now, I’ll suffice with drinking in the absolute joy, evoked from this effervescing newness Dusky Grey brings.

Speaking about their latest release, the band’s Catty Hopkins said, “This song is so special to us. We wrote it when we had just entered the music industry. It’s about that feeling when you’re young and you want to be yourself so badly, but you also want to fit in with everyone else.”

The duo, have always done melodies and pumped choruses, so well. I feel Geth and Catty have somehow managed to upgrade on that with “Get Easy.” They’ve had me singing out at the top of my lungs to this track since it arrived in my inbox. I can’t say this about many pop tracks lately, but I truly didn’t want this one to come to an end. I get such a powerful sense of liberation from the lyrics. “Get Easy, go where you feel free. Jump right in, to your skin deep, cos nobody gonna shut you down if you light it up, light it up.”

Connect with Dusky Grey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Duskygreymusic
Twitter: @duskygreymusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duskygreymusic

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