The Kilbey sisters of Say Lou Lou have brought us a number of dreamy light synth littered pop tunes, they have even at times zoomed in and offered us a slice of dramatic direction over the last few years as they have taken steps to define the Say Lou Lou sound and put together their highly anticipated debut album.

Good news now comes in two’s, since the debut album title has been revealed as “Lucid Dreaming” and is projected to be released February 2015, which of course means following the twins most recent single drop of the majestically pop golden bathed “Everything We Touch”, that there is room for a new single at least prior to the launching of the album.

Would you know it, Say Lou Lou are onto this already and bring forth a collaborative effort with the Norwegian production mastermind Lindstrøm providing a nu-disco soundboard to the proceedings.

The fruits of their labours, enters a new dimension of tearing up the dancefloor for Say Lou Lou on the almost funkadelic resonating single “Games For Girls”. It is driven by an intoxicating riff, which has the power to reel the listener in proverbially hook-line and sinker.

The dream pop element for which Say Lou Lou have become widely known for remains intact but they do colour up and show out a new strand of dynamic on “Games For Girls” which bats off any assumptions of their seductively presented soundscapes falling into the one trick pony territory.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to catch Say Lou Lou live in the UK as they are set to headline a show at Heaven on December 4th.