Leland 1

It’s all going off for L.A. based pop newcomer LELAND, after recently establishing himself with the left-of-field indietronica of debut single “Aware”, it seems it might be LELAND’s intention to win over the blogesphere one track at a time and this time he has me onside too.

I don’t know if anyone knows so much about the artist in question, as LELAND appears to have plonked his tracks online for music seekers and curious bloggers like myself to stumble upon and discover for ourselves. If it’s a word of mouth approach LELAND’s after, then I am happy to play along to this.

In as much as others before me have discovered and then written about him LELAND is the pseudonym of songwriter Brett McLaughlin and he’s currently known to be working with considered cooler-than-cool emerging kids on the music block Allie X and Troye Sivan. Just take a closer look at the rather fetching feature artwork above, as it was designed by Troye, so that alone verifies the validity of the aforementioned info.

Just as with his debut, LELAND has bestowed a new pop gem onto the internet, an uber bop called “Full-Time”, it’s seriously pop gravitated with a gloriously high kicking falsetto that sends it euphorically up and outwards. And the total kind of electro-pop wow we don’t hear enough of these days.

Hallelujah! If LELAND is going to carry on making it electro-pop centric, I am certainly more than interested to keep on listening to it. GAME ON!