Here’s a thing! Familiar to us pop upstart Charli XCX has only gone and set-up a record label of her own which she is calling Vroom Vroom Recordings, wouldn’t you know.

Being the highly creative illuminated artist that she is, maybe this news would come as no such surprise as in terms of her forward thinking attitude it gives Charli the widest scope to flex her artistic license as much as she dare enter into.

Aside from being a vehicle for her own artistic expansion Charli will be housing this new venture to assist and bring focus to current visionary creative, up-and-coming acts. Starting off in fine form by accruing, polished electronica outfit RIVRS as one her initial signee’s.

We of course, have met RIVRS previously and become aware of their captivating darkly noir focused artistry. It placed them on our music radar and got us all too hypnotically involved with the evocative sonic musicianship they already have on board.

As Vroom Vroom Recordings signee’s the time is right to strike up upon the aesthetical values, which truly come into play on newly served track “Friend/Lover”.

Monochrome, panache and sensually steered movement forms the basis of the “Friend/Lover” visual aesthetic, further bringing onside the creditable accomplished level of production, to which is given a toasty encounter of the provocatively lovelorn kind.

Not only are RIVRS knitting a sound that is dazed in a convulsing soundscape of thoroughly contemporary moderness they pull it all through into wider focus with eye pleasing visual aesthetics too.