It was only a short time ago I shared with EQ Music Blog readers a personal, new music discovery of my own. East Anglia-born and raised newcomer Adam Evans grabbed my attention with his most recent heartbreak pop efforts “Hypothetically” and “BITE ME!“. The tracks, made in a contemporary pop style, spotlight Adam’s soulful vocal tone and the authentic lyrical songwriting he uses. Keen to get a head start in 2023 and build on the momentum amassed both by “Hypothetically” and “BITE ME!“. Adam continues the story of his dating endeavours, having released a new track, “Forever“.

Explaining the new song, Adam shares

“I went through a break up that was rough. I then, fell in love a bit too quickly afterwards”. Further adding, “It was amazing, but it didn’t work out. This was because we built on something that was really unstable”.

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Checking out the lyrics. In the song, it is pretty obvious to pick up on his devastation that this relationship did not work out. Turning his vulnerability into a strength, Adam taps into the floodgate of raw emotions, as he documents the doomed romance.

“Fuse was lit on day one, ticking time bomb, but you can’t run when it’s you you’re tryna get away from” he muses while analyzing why the romance failed.

To his credit, however, Adam and co-writer Liam Moule have turned the sadness into a heartbreak-pop bop. Building the poignant lyricism around a pulsating, electro-pop soundscape. Ensuring this endeavour also factors in a memorable, catchy chorus.

Even with just a handful of songs released, Adam’s intelligent pop sound is becoming more and more noticeable. Honing melancholy but epic-sounding songs and creating a future anthem in “Forever“. This young singer/songwriter seems set to take his music to the big leagues. At least, it is likely that this young artist’s determination and sheer talent could get him there.

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