You may have noticed I have stepped up my support of for EDM acts lately. Let me explain why this is. While many singers and musicians successfully hopped over to live-streaming to keep us entertained since being forced to lockdown. DJ’s and producer outfits have had a harder task upon themselves. Normally these kinds of artists play to packed out clubs and arenas only. Under his Love Regenerator tag Calvin Harris, along with production acts Disclosure, Porter Robinson and a generous helping of EDM festivals have transferred to gigging online. Admiral though these efforts have been, the atmosphere of a crowd is nonetheless sorely lacking. These folks need our support. It’s a tough gig firing up, an adrenaline-packed set from kitchens and living rooms. To the best of my knowledge Los Angeles-based production duo Grey haven’t yet succumbed to the new normal of live-streaming. They do however have a new track out called “For The Night,” which is a summery anthem and I feel could be in jeopardy of being under-appreciated.

The duo holds three Grammy nominations, yet run the risk of having a slow burner with “For The Night.” If we are going to do our best to rescue summer 2020, by gradually making steps to return to our normal daily lives. We must go all out to support anthemic pop tracks at this time as well because summer will not feel like summer without them.

“This song just makes us so happy. It reminds us of being young, broke, and carefree, running around doing whatever made us happy during the day excited for what each night will bring.” Grey further adds. “Everyone wants to go back to that time, and this song takes us there.”

Needless to say, of the track. The production is super tight without being overloaded with frenetic, heavy dance beats. It is the best of both worlds, a little of EDM with a smattering of pop sensibilities. The lovely vocalist hasn’t been named, but since Annika Wells is mentioned in a songwriting credit on the track, feels safe to conclude these are her charming vocals. Comparing the singers recent Midnight Kids collaboration on “Run It” makes me rather certain it is.

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