X&Y 1

Since instant pop band of newcomers X&Y broke the scene with their tempered electronic beats, voluptuous pop melodies and lilting harmonies through tracks “This Love”, “Rocket Science” and “Breathe” which all came together to form debut EP “Experience X”. The trio have continued their ascent in raising their profile by selling-out their debut headline gig. Only to top this in securing a support slot alongside boyband stalwarts Take That at their recent BST, Hyde Park gig.

The latter being, what you could call a big deal for band who are only at that breaking point of entering into the live performance arena. They really went in big for it. From like zero through to 75% noticeable at the speed of light.

Not something that raises eyebrows with me, being that I’ve already slated X&Y as ‘pop’s little secret waiting to happen’.

However, we’ve only heard 3 tracks from Ben, Ash and Rhys. And really this is not way enough material to pull such a festival sized crowd at their disposal on-side as new fans. So in the immediate run-up to the Hyde Park gig, X&Y dropped a new track called “Footprints”, so they did!

I’ve always found X&Y to be, what I refer to as a ready-made band, since all their material has been so strong and identifiable in its overall appeal. All bets are off as far as I’m concerned that they’ll give out anything but pop goodness at a premium. “Footprints” with its gigantic pop feels in melody together with authoritive lyrics and vocal tonality raises the bar on this, like a big ole lifting bridge. Say the Thames Bridge in London Town, as when opening up to allow the passing through of seafaring traffic. i.e. it’s rather riding high, pointing upwards in making a dynamically self-served impression of a band who are with no shadow of doubt, going places!