Mr Little Jeans

I can see I’m going to have keep an even closer eye on Scandipop princess Mr Little Jeans, namely being that she has whipped out a new track and it unforgivingly, practically went un-noticed. Even though it grabbed itself a Beats 1 premiere and all!

I feel heeded to take a little reprimand from the song title of “Fool 4 You”. As I promised myself I was going to keep up-to-speed with the new output in the hope that it might be lifted of territory restrictions this time around, and going forwards into the upcoming sophomore album release.

Electronic pop songstress Mr Little Jeans though, by and largely seems settled to go in for the unexpected element and bring out a new song without so much of a fanfare.

Since we last hooked-up on the whereabouts of Mr Little Jeans a few months ago via the aptly titled teaser track “Waking Up”. The Nordic chanteuse has been fulfilling her promised West Coast tour commitments. It is amongst this run of dates that new track “Fool 4 You” has been given an airing and release.

I sure am glad, that when the buzz of new music releases slides into the quiet season that I gets some ‘me’ time to seek out and discover fab tunes such as this. Everything we know of Mr Little Jeans is here. The whispery dreaminess. The ethereally honeyed performance together with a lushly free-flowing, electronic layered arrangement. All the spectrally leaning shimmer that we come to depend upon and recognise to be fair!

What indeed could be considered more seasonal than to be on the listening end of such a heavenly enchanting vocal?

Press play and hark the herald Mr Little Jeans will sing an exquisitely pretty new track for you!