This sophomore track, “Flatline,” from pop newcomer Maryon is cute, yet exhibits good songwriting skills and vocal artistry. The knowledge of dynamics together with the noticeable vocal command Maryon has is such it made me wonder about what started her music career off. In coming up to this point, what has she already achieved? Are there any juicy facts or highlights lurking on her music career CV, I should know about? Voila. The press release informs, she’s come through on a well-used route, that of songwriting and as guest vocals. Has co-written and vocalled songs for both Afrojack and Martin Jensen and performed with Sigala.

About the newcomer, the press release also reveals.

“At the age of 18, Maryon was encouraged to continue her education studying languages at university in London, but secretly switched her course to music. With songwriting at the heart of her intentions, Maryon has been pursuing her career development ever since.”

It was reading that paragraph of the press release (shared above) that instantly had me warming to her and reaching for the play button. Knowing to follow your dreams is goals.

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Of “Flatline” I noticed Maryon’s voice has quite a distinctive timbre, she has a heady smoky, soulfulness that reminds me of the Swedish songstress Léon. This kind of uniqueness is what is needed these days.A trait, that makes both singer’s stand out among the crowd. Maryon, also shows strength with songwriting, that she can turn her thoughts into the kind of heartfelt lyricism that is being sought after by pop fans, more and more. “It’s about missing someone but realising you have to turn them off before you can actually move on”. Maryon says about the track.

Without a doubt, with her exquisite vocals matched with her endearing style of lyricism Maryon has the necessary credentials to take the pop world by storm. Get tuned into the powerhouse vocals / rising star and help spread the word.

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