By Mandy Rogers

Spellbinding, celestial and enchanting are all words that definitely spring to mind whenever a new Saint Saviour track has the joy to fall upon us.

Becky’s flawless talent is without doubt, and is testament to her channelling in her eclectic calling, taking time to steadily build upon it and ultimately captivating her audience with purity and clarity of voice, that commands centre stage no matter how beautifully it is wrapped by twinkling melodies.

The good news is we are about to get a lot more of them as her fan base has pulled together through funding on PledgeMusic to enable Becky to release her debut LP “Union” this Summer.

At a time of the year, when the Ibiza rave horns and summer stompers abound, Saint Saviour will be offering a delightfully demure but equally amazing alternative collection of songs to soothe away the summer burn and fix your head into calmer waters (rather like that welcome breath of summer breeze on a prickly hot and stifling summer’s day).

To be honest, we can’t wait 2 months long for it; we have a need for it now! Anyway wait we must! But thankful to tide us over, we have eclectic elegance personified in “Fight” our first taste from the album.  It’s quite the dark horse of seemingly gentle, uplifting fragility, that in turn pushes forward by it’s emotive power shaping it into  a little musical morsel of transcendent mightiness.