wilson k fernando

We love underlining sexual metaphors, don’t you? Following the success of his debut single “Stable Ground“, the fierce and fabulous Wilson Knight returns with his latest offering, the R&B-influenced “Fernando“, which doubles as a carefree track about a cinnamon-colored ride as well as a raunchy bedroom adventure.

Originally written by “Swim No More” crooner Solomon for Britney Spears‘ upcoming Britney Jean, the new track is another addictive, smooth, slightly more radio-friendly, cut which cleverly uses the love for a man’s Bugatti as an innocent metaphor for a crazy night in bed. “Stable Ground” may have dealt with the messy issues of a crumbling relationship, but “Fernando” seems to deliciously detail the fun, first few dates of intimacy. “Rev it up, make that engine purr, no caution signs, so we drift the curve,” the artist sings on the bridge. It’s the bridge that becomes the true highlight of the new effort.

Knight‘s vocals sound strong and controlled, although a tad bit shaky on the delivery of the verses, but altogether “Fernando” is an infectious creation with the potential to effortlessly cross genre boundaries. It’s a little R&B, it has some hip-hop flavor and a dash of pop influences. The artist seductively glides across the three-minute track while catchy production only helps Knight pave a successful route towards a full length debut album.

Buckle up for the bumpy ride!