Should you be searching for a thoroughly decent indie electronic-pop album to wrap your ears around at the moment. A good one to look at that might have skipped your notice is “Polydans” by the German producer Roosevelt. In comparison to his first two albums. I haven’t spoken an awful lot about “Polydans“, his third one (released in March). Let me share some feedback on it now. This release locks in with spirit of the 80s. Production-wise, the album remains consummate in its entirety. And the body of work is unskippable throughout. With the stats totted up, streaming figures suggest the track “Strangers” has proved most popular. I am sticking with calling out my first choice, “Sign“, as a standout, that I wrote about on the blog.

The reason why I am writing about Roosevelt today isn’t to share a quick outline of the latest album. I wanted to bring his sparkly cover version of the Fiction Factory, 1983, top 10 chart-topper track (Feels Like) “Heaven” to your attention which appears as a bonus track on the Deluxe Edition.

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According to the internet, there have been 18 recordings of (Feels Like) “Heaven” by different artists. Roosevelt’s glittery, upbeat makeover comes in as #19. What I like about the new interpretation of the song it is significantly different in style to the darker new-wave vibes found on the original Fiction Factory edit.

I think the Roosevelt version of the track will go down a treat when played live. He starts a US tour next week and will eventually snake it’s way over to Europe next year.

(Feels Like) “Heaven” is out now – Find it ONLY on the deluxe edition of “Polydans“. (One of 8 bonus tracks)

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