Level 3

Sometime ago now, I was pointed towards the up-and-coming singer songwriter Martika LA who had previously had a taste of the pop life as a member of the burgeoning girl band Ruff Diamondz and who before calling time on their girl band days toured extensively with the JLS.

From that day to this, I haven’t been so much aware of a glimmer of new material circulating hereabouts in regard to Martika LA although, in being alerted to new music collaboration Level 3, it is Martika LA’s name that was my point of instant recognition.

The name Level 3, could practically mean anything to anyone without a little backstory information filling in! So naturally it all becomes a tad more interesting to note that the Level 3 collective project is the coming together of singer / songwriter Sean Mac alongside established songwriter and producer Lisa Greene whose credits amount to writing pop gems for the likes of Britney, Kylie and Girls Aloud.

With this info firmly on board we’ve concisively arrived at the instant conclusion Level 3 are to be considered hot to trot when it comes to penning popular music songs.

As Level 3 debut the Martika LA assisted “Feeling Your Love” the ready made set-up of singer, songwriter and production is strongly in evidence, as they lead by the impressiveness of an old school house, pumped dancefloor filler that is firing off sleekly infectious grooves sought of disco revival nostalgia. Feeling in Influence that it’s been released from a time capsule that backtracks in date to the hey day of Ce Ce Peniston, Crystal Waters et al.

A burst of sound that remains highly sought after in the clubs to this very day!