Iconically known as being one half of provocative Russian music duo t.A.T.u., flame haired pop vixen Lena Katina has been at work setting apace a solo career for herself and knocked up a couple of Billboard Club chart toppers in “Never Forget” and “Lift Me Up” on the way to the now imminent 18th November release of debut album “This Is Who I Am”.

Last year we ourselves here at EQ quite revelled in the euphoric glow of the heart-warming full blown pop anthem “Lift Me Up” which Lena put out as a thank you to her hardcore fans for their continued support of her musical journey and re-invention.

Lena even gave us a super splendid and extremely insightful interview regarding her new music and well if a recent controversial occurrence surrounding t.A.T.u.’s beliefs towards the LGBT community have opened up question time with regard to the comments made, you only have to listen to our interview and additionally Lena’s comments on Facebook to be assured that she is one half of the duo who whole heartedly embraces universal love.

One of the many things that Lena shared with us in our interview was that the debut album of which she was working towards would feature many styles, some in the pop direction, others more pop-rock orientated, as really she has been readily open to embrace experimentation and having fun through the complete music process.

With the debut album “This Is Who I Am” now ready to go Lena offers up a first taste of it by first revealing the power-pop punchy track “Fed Up”.

True to her word, Lena visits her pop-rock chic tendancies head-on, on “Fed Up”. It’s backbone is made up of chuggingly regimental beats, assisted by a quirky jangly melody and fitted with Lena’s commanding pop suited vox. It all makes for a particularly dynamite spicy music soup of angst kicking attitude rippled with pop rock flair and sporting a noted undertone or two in reminder of t.A.T.u. about it.

If this is your particular favourite flavour of music soup – Pre-order the album and receive “Fed Up” instantly