Katy Tiz

By Mandy Rogers

There’s no middle ground with British Newcomer Tiz,
cutting to the chase and straight talking it from the off.

Tiz is an astute pop upstart with a rebellious streak as
vibrant as the Pink’s, Gwen’s and Katie P’s of pop.  To compliment the high wired personality comes the highly
memorable and vivacious quirky pop song "Famous”.

Larger than life Tiz jumps right in, trailblazing an edgy
and power pop large, maverick empowered anthem with a refrain so instant and
feisty that it does high kicks in your brain. This tag line "you only want to touch me cuz I'm famous" would look great emblazoned on a T shirt – and probably
already is. Therefore, the song should instantly be a hit, as well as it being
presented as strikingly good as this, of course.

Listen by shooting through this coolio fan made lyric video
to the alternate explicit version –  coz
seriously did we really think that a wild child like Tiz would  just leave it at “touch”!