Frankie Zulferino

By Mandy Rogers

Um, so I lost the thread with Justin Bieber right at “Baby”.
Glossy teen pop of that time was just not my thing. I can’t tell you either
that I’ve ever picked up on Bieber where I left off, since I’ve had my head
into an inbox crammed weekly with teen / boy band / girl band / all kinds of
pop, ‘n’ that, that I’ve never resurfaced to see what Bieber is up too now.

Shocks! I’ve just found out that Justin’s matured of
sound  – and Shocks! The army of Beliebers
hadn’t knocked down my door to tell me so!

This leads in, to rising solo pop star Frankie Zulferino,
whose recent high end glitzy video for “Last Man On Earth” I let loose on EQTV
a short while back, and where I also brought news of Frankie participating in an
Amercian networked reality TV show “The Next”.

I’m not clued as to whether Frankie’s acoustic performance
of Justin Bieber’sFall” is connected with the show at all, but what I do know
is, I’m taken more by the lone figure at the microphone just letting his voice
be the only the anchor of engagement, than any of the previous Hollywood
production sheen that has shone off of him.

I always thought deep, that if Frankie cut back on the stylised act or cut it out like this,
at the root of it shone a talent, (and why I continued to put my weight behind
him). I hear it the clearest that I’ve ever heard it here and it’s making me
all tingly with a full beaming smile. 

Oh  le sigh, banish
the glitz forever Frankie, I just wanna hear your hits like this! You have
completely slayed the electro mama!