Well, well, well this was an unexpected yet delightful surprise. Simon Curtis is no stranger to EQ with his delicious pop/dance creations such as “Beat Drop” and “Soul 4 Sale“, but when news of the artist’s next full length album slowly disappeared and the strange release of a free WWW mixtape appeared out of nowhere in 2013, people began to wonder what the “boy robot” was really up to.

Fast forward to March 2014 and Curtis has teamed up with fellow independent pop star Wolfy (aka Ro Danishei) to form the lovestruck duo Wrathschild. While the two artists have collaborated in the past (see “Michelle” and “Wicked”), their new single “Fall Into Love” is a whole different playing field for the two talented and innovative musicians. Premiering exclusively on Billboard, with an official release date of March 31, the soaring pop track immediately sets itself apart from anything on the market right now with glorious vocal performances and tight songwriting.

Sex will forever be on our minds, I want the real thing just like an 80s movie,” the duo beautifully sing on the infectious chorus surround by crashing production that helps the song achieve a type of potential mainstream success neither artist has unfortunately seen yet. The alternative pop track grabs attention, becomes a sophisticated listen not drowned out by loud, Top 40 beats and features true vocals.

Fall Into Love” is a great, uplifting first effort from the new boy/duo of Curtis and Wolfy. Thanks to both artists doing their pop history and movie reference homework, they have crafted a solid effort getting much deserved positive reception. Good work children!