The Guardian said she is “Possibly the most famous woman in Poland today (2011).” She is Doda, not Dido. And she is one of the most successful Polish musical artists of all time. I first heard of her through Emily Middlemass, one of the songwriters on the singers, new song “Fake Love.” (Emily’s name has cropped up on the blog a few times lately. This is because of her songwriting contributions on Osvaldo Supino and Maie tracks.) In truth, Emily’s songwriting has caught my attention and is, something I am watching with interest. Therefore, I had a good feeling about “Fake Love” by Doda.

Doda’s image is quite similar to both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. I’m not surprised that she is often referred to as the Polish Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. I expect it. My interest lies more with the music, anyway. I did some research on Doda and her music, it revealed that her music has changed quite a bit. None more so than on the trance infused dance-pop banger “Fake Love.” The release is her most electrifying yet. Despite the English title, she sings in both English and Polish on the track. After accumulating success in Poland – this leads me to suspect she now has her sights set on going international. (There are rumours about Eurovision.)

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The song has mass appeal because it sounds both melodic and uplifting. Therefore, I feel sure it will do well in the clubs. On its release “Fake Love” shot straight to #1 on iTunes Poland. All bodes well that Doda has secured another hit on her home turf. It will be interesting to watch and to observe what happens beyond Poland. Are the clubs going to pick up the track? Might it take Doda’s music to new places? I am excited by this track, so I will be keeping a watchful eye over Doda. Besides, I thought “Fake Love” is a good track. I wanted to write about it while I decide whether I like or not like the Alesso and Katy Perry song “When I’m Gone” that the rest of the blogosphere is currently going crazy for.

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