Christian Noshi

By Mandy Rogers   / Photo: Yael Fachler

Boldly entering the electro pop scene over recent months, London based songsmith Christianoshi profiles epic disco turns of propulsive synth pop.

Kicking up the dance energy, teaming up with collaborative partner Trademark, Christianoshi brings to notice “Fake Blood” the second in a planned trilogy of tracks.

An ode about OCD, “Fake Blood” fires it’s hypochondria message into the hyper spheric wall of club storming sound with all it’s glitter cannons blazing as it, glides up and down the a lick of scales as readily as a queue formed for a ride on Lady Gaga’s disco stick.

These beats are indeed SICK Christianoshi! and do everything to add upon the pop glowing vocal that fits similarly hand in glove to something tumbling out of the classic SAW Hit Factory, perhaps a shade of Rick Astley x Andy Bell, fits you well.

Whilst we feel compelled to drown ourselves in the disco shower of resonant pop pleasure sounds, as it’s gifted out to Download for FREE.