They were helpful and timely once, but the trend of songs written about isolation and lockdown is over. In its place, popstars are beginning to share songs about going out in the world again, be it a night out at the club or inspired by taking a holiday. Remember when our summers were, filled with listening to so many of these kinds of tracks that we got a little (a lot) tired by them. But I think now we need at least some of these types of songs. To help celebrate that our social lives and socialising are returning. And also, because it is summer (just), it feels right. POLINA from Moscow (now living in L.A) has written a dreamy song about the South Beach “Faena” Hotel in Miami where she stayed.

Singer-songwriter POLINA has enjoyed chart-topping collaborations with Felix Jaehn and vocal features for Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Kaskade. By comparison, the new track from POLINA is not a big dance song, as we might be inclined to think. While still danceable, it is, in fact, somewhat chilled out and pleasantly enjoyable, much like a gentle summer breeze. Polina shares. She was inspired “during my last day there. It was such a bittersweet feeling, just sitting there on the balcony of one of the hotel’s rooms, overlooking the ocean“.

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“To me, the song is about how some places just have that effect on us. That metamorphosis of a moment where they create a magical cocoon, the connection with someone that can change you eternally in an instant,” says POLINA.

In so saying, “Faena” the song, although inspired by a hotel in Miami, has more of a distinctive Latin-pop vibe running through it. Done, so we instantly recognise that this is a celebration of visiting new places, a holiday, vacation. And finding beauty in new surroundings. We do not need to have stayed in Faena to understand the special allure the track has. Pressing play and upon hearing the sultry Latin-pop beats with the gentle vocal from Polina cooing over it. Will, and does, evoke nostalgic memories of all the best holidays we have had.

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