By Mandy Rogers

It may have been a whirlwind, but in a short time Canadian Eric Solomon has written a success story in his homeland that spans from a moment of chance, when a melody formed in his head whilst, walking past a building site. 

That moment appears to have been life changing for Eric, as he went on to indulge and explore many music avenues by initially teaching himself to remix songs, by Owl City, The XX and Passion Pit, that in-turn were very well received by the public. In doing so, he also discovered a natural gift that has matured into him being an all round multi-talented artist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Taking the Canadians by storm with his vibrant pop hooks and dusky soulful vocals, Eric has continued to catch the charts alight and his bag is own MTV reality TV show all in the space of almost 2 years. This is a breakthrough that has been meteoric but testament to the bountiful talent and dedicated musicianship put into each and every project.

Fresh from recently completing a tour with Dragonette, Eric has new goals set, he’s bringing his peppy brand of electronic pop to the UK!

Introducing himself to the UK, Eric will release the “Eric Solomon EP” on July 11th .

Prepare to be excited! The EP showcases 4 bombastic tunes of zingy electro pop, “Ground Control”, along with “Addicted”, “I Found Love” and “Time Bomb”. These tracks are so tunetastically good, that even the pop sceptics will probably find their toes twitching!

Eric makes music that just makes you wanna dance! It’s effervescent, punchy and instantaneous. This is music made out of total love for the complete music process, it takes over and burrows it’s tunetastic beats into your brain.

Eric Solomon, take over the UK – Bring it on!