This year is already promising to bring many album releases. At EQ Music Blog, we expressed interest in the Years & Years, Charli XCX, Kim Petras, and Foxes upcoming albums – early on. Again, it seems we live in hope the Sugababes will shatter rumours and actually deliver an album. Since tweaking their back catalogue last year and with a headline slot at Mighty Hoopla announced. The 2022 release of new material does seem more plausible than ever. Recently we discovered the Icelandic pop act, Heidrunna, with the blissful, spellbinding track “Borderline“. The debut album “Melodramatic” from the emerging Nordic singer-songwriter is also coming out, early 2022.

It is little wonder Heidrunna gets in quick with her first release of the year. The track in question is “Erasing You.” A glittery synth-pop number strikingly in the vein of Annie.

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“I wrote “Erasing You” while on a writing trip in Sweden,” says Heidrunna. “Like a lot of my songs, it’s about commitment and phobia. The pull and tug of relationships – does he love me or not! The groundhog day and the emotions and tiredness of stopping and starting and deciding that maybe the only way to stop it is to erase everything about that person and never pick up the phone again.”

The song is sincere, honest and simple and also sweet in a way. Anyway, Heidrunna makes it sound sweet and charming because of the calming effect her soothing voice has. Being honest. I think Heidrunna would have me under her spell even if she was being less polite and making her point more bluntly. Being loud though doesn’t always help with getting your point of view across. One of the things the track “Erasing You” does well, is getting Heidrunna’s opinion in the open. A win, for the soft approach in all things, I’d say.

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