Casey 3PM Clark

By Mandy Rogers

Fresh on the frame from an old favourite of ours here at EQ, The Wideband Network, vocalist / production half of duo Casey Clark steps forward with his own hot shot solo electro offering “Entropy EP”.

Casey delivers a stunning clutch of 5 tracks that span through electro diversive soundscapes taking in from the get go, a flush of chunky funk pop on opening track “Black Magic” levering the bar at a high threshold level of polished performance expectation for the remainder of the collective.  A level that is maintained throughout, as the “Entropy EP” effortlessly slinks its way into layers of heated techno expression on “The Future”, spacey bounding dub-steppy basslines on “Money (On The Floor)”. Complimented on the remaining tracks by a party down, in favour of rhythmic driven, sonar embellished “Color Crash” and finalé “Love Be Forgotten”.

Leaving the listener with a snapshot of ideas, beginnings, dreams and endless possibilities that Casey Clark could explore further and in our opinion bring out without much doubt in our mind, as a class number. 

Listen to this interesting and well presented collection below, which Casey is offering for purchase on a pay as you want basis.