Gasp! For a multitude of reasons, updating my playlist has not occured in a long time. No matter what, my passion for supporting and promoting emerging pop acts never dims. (Because I like nothing better than unearthing new music gems from all over the world. In particular independent music artists, is where I feel the buzz most). I just returned from a wonderful holiday in Germany and Norway and wanted to spotlight an upcoming German music act. With Bonny Lauren’s current single, “Enough,” now out and picking up momentum, I have come to know of the Berlin-based independent singer-songwriter.

As an artist making her name collaborating with other well-known artists, (with examples being The Swiss DJ and producer Remady and German duo Saxity.) As well as writing toplines for other artists. Authentic songwriting has lead Bonny to start her own solo recording venture. Since recent attempts at Eurovision have failed to impress as a country. I have a longing that my faith be restored in German music. Presently, Bonny Lauren is reinvigorating my interest more than most.

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“It’s a song about leaving out of self-respect… no matter if its a person, a place, a job or a mindset.” Bonny further elaborates while speaking on Instagram. “If its not making you feel worthy and loved, you should always choose yourself and let go, to be ready and open for something better.”

It is my opinion that you cannot miss the spot by combining a driving electropop melody with earnest, heartfelt lyrics. (This formula has proven itself successful and delivers a pleasurable listening experience.) These are the cards Bonny Lauren is dealing with in her current offering, “Enough.”

I am not in the habit of keeping a close eye on what presides over at the Offizielle Deutsche Charts. Yet after tuning in for only 10 minutes of radio coverage when briefly visiting Hamburg the other week. I highly suspect throbbing techno beats feature heavily still on the weekly chart run down. In the styling of her song “Enough,” Bonny Lauren isn’t a made-to-measure pop star for the German market. Although, she sure is showing signs of having the power to connect with the pop sound that the rest of Europe enjoys the most.

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