The Eurovision darlings of 2019, Norway’s KEiiNO, are among the competitions most successful entrants. They made their mark with the track “Spirit In The Sky” in a big way, and they have continued this trend to the present day. You could say their infectious quirkiness caught on quick. And along with a growing collection of catchy, distinctive joik fusion songs, the KEiiNO fan club keeps growing stronger. Today they are out with the new track “End Of Time” (Taste of Heaven). It is very KEiiNO but also goes somewhat harder, than ever before and has a big dash of spookiness attached, what with Halloween being just, around the corner.

Hold onto your wigs because Alexandra, Tom and Fred are out to snatch them from the outset with this freaky deeky offering. Transforming themselves outlandishly, glam rock as they dare. I get them Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes coming through, loud and clear. Whereas musically mostly, the track exhibits a vibe that I’d imagine if Marina were to collaborate with Basshunter, this is what it would sound like. On the 2020 track “Black Leather“, the trio presented us with a high energy ditty written in tribute to the Berlin club scene. Where they penned the lyrics on the night of a men-only party at Berghain. They make another bold and authentic move with “End Of Time“. An end of the world party song. Where they make references to heaven as meaning, spending a raucous night out clubbing.

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They ask “Do you want a taste of heaven?” further entice by saying “Boys in PVC are getting down. Do you want a taste of heaven? Angel leather queens are letting go“.

This sounds like an invite to a club night I’d like to be at, if being honest.

“Do you want to dance in heaven. Count your sins and pray for seven. All the queers go straight to heaven. Please dear God just show me heaven”.

Preach KEiiNO!

Speaking of club nights… because I WILL NOT let the opportunity pass me by… Have you got bought tickets for EQ Music Live yet?… Save the date: 23rd OctoberVillage 512, Dalston, London – It’s headlined by Myylo, support from Lostchild, Mickey Taylor, TIN and Nic Billington – Ticket details HERE – see you there, Electroqueers.

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