Icona Pop

Photo: Robin Harper

Take this in, Icona Pop fierceness x a guest vocal from Erik Hassle!

This is indeed a happening thing!

So yeah the Swedes are swede-ing it up together, and who knew they’d be creating something which stands out a little in a Swedification league of its own.

If you were waiting on “I Love It” part 2, you’ve a long wait coming as in working up new material towards the release of their sophomore album the sassy Iconas have adopted a re-style (on this lead track at least) which is equally impacting of popfectiousness but not altogether in the same boat as their previous globally sensational shouty pop hit.

Aino, Caroline and Erik page a pop “Emergency” to the beat of jazzed up electro styling of the type that tends to especially peep up at this time of year. Remember Yolanda Be Cool and DCup’s globetrotting dance floor smash “We No Speak Americano” of a few years ago? Well Icona Pop have shifted into this retro-sized territory of summery pop making, which doubtless all concerned will be hoping could land the ladies with another enormous hit on hands rather than the comparative Yolanda Be Cool and DCup alternative route of not achieving this level of success again owing to its nichely presented one hit wonder pop presence. The Swedish pop duo have seen to it, to of course add some of their spicy narrative weight into the retro embraced dancefloor filling equation, so that it is still brimming from start to finish with the sassy Icona Pop ident. Hopefully this will be enough to see “Emergency” buck the trend of finding itself in the novelty leaning hit area, in this instance.

When all said and done, press play on this and Icona Pop x Erik Hassle will see that you get your party freak on. Before you know it, your jazz hands will swing into action sending an electro quiver down your spine in a possessed chain reaction like frenzy which will in turn (if you like it or not) feed its way to achieving its ultimate seeking goal of uncontrollably shaking all of what your mommas gave ya.