Story Of The Running Wolf

Summer breaks are all but over. The return to work or the classroom are reality on the the near horizon. There is every chance that the life battery is feeling a little on the flat side at having to regain some order and buckle down to a routine.

As the festival euphoria begins to abate, music audiences turn their attention elsewhere in seeking to restore some new music buzz back into their lives.

Also it is totally the right time for an emerging band to spring into action issuing new material.

As luck would have it, right on the case are LA based synth-pop duo Story Of The Running Wolf, who previously snuck out a debut EP tapped of vintage electronica influence and that quite brought to the fore a reawakened sci-fi sound demographic into play.

Totally it’s been too long since we’ve heard from SOTRW. This itself makes their return all the more thrilling to note!

Winging its way into our attention today, is the first cut “Electric” off of the upcoming EP of the same name. Keeping to the magical retro synthpop recipe we first became enanmoured with, the duo have seemingly upped the impossible feat of packing in even more nostalgic fabulousity this time around.

Think neon, gatecrashing into the synth surging rush of “Living In A Box” eponymous debut single. If you can’t quite remember Living In A Box, SOTRW aren’t so dissimilar to Sound Of Arrows, all told.

Anyways however we choose to look at it “Electric” is a buzzing with some huge poptactular fuelled colour.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Electric” by Story Of The Running Wolf (via Link)