When we were glossing over some of the candidates and entries being put forward for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, we spied a familiar name to us. Latvian hottie and electronic pop talented one Markus Riva! To tell the truth Markus has made it through to the preliminary process vying for his home countries Eurovision honour in 2015 and again last year, in actual fact Markus has tracked 4 attempts, but who’s counting and who is interested in the math?

What is of the utmost importance is Markus’s entry, by way of the dramatically impacting song “Dynamite“.

As it goes with “Dynamite” Markus brings about a confident performance and you can’t discount the chorus of being anything but memorable when it consists of a chant of “dynamite!, dynamite!, dynamite!”

Markus may have gotten knocked out of the running by Justs last year, but feel Markus has taken on board a little measure of Justs powerful entry “Heartbeat” into the dramatically dark fuelled fabric of “Dynamite“.

However in the second heat of Latvia’s “Supernova” selection process that took place last weekend, alas Markus has been thwarted in his attempts again! Say what?!

We still consider that this was a most noble attempt from Markus. In our estimation his best stab at Eurovision yet and occurs the staging on it could have been rather spectacular too. BOO that we’ll never get to see it!

There isn’t nothing going to stop us from enjoying a song that we’re particularly partial too though. It doesn’t need any Eurovision gong or merit to its name. The greater length and breadth of Europe might have missed out on the joys of this song but we will carry on applauding it all the same.

You’ll find “Dynamite” on our February 2017 “This Beat is Poptronik” Playlist.