Australian singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter’s parents could have named her Perth, after the place she was born and raised. Instead, Mr and Mrs Carter opted for Sydnee, which has an alternative spelling but nonetheless, is all good because it is still a district in Australia, right? (Perhaps the Carters didn’t want to appear obvious.) Nevertheless, Sydnee has taken it upon herself to forge ahead with a career, in pop. She has lent her voice to pop bangers and dancefloor jams of other artists. In her solo lane, she concentrates on paring back from those styles choosing to flex her lyrical and vocal prowess. Pretty much as she does on the track “Drug Was You” which came out last Friday.

Her vocals can be delicate and vulnerable as a flower, or she can switch up her presence as a killer disco queen does. Whichever approach she commits to, her versatile, vocal style shines out.

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“I wanted to write a song about longing for a lifetime past, after the love that is supposedly gone. Instead of drawing to a close, the hurt keeps brewing into a driving infatuation, culminating into an emotional cataclysm and realisation. My “Drug Was (always) You.” Sydnee declares.

The story behind “Drug Was You” presents itself almost like a modern-day parable. But Sydnee transforms the rawness and deep yearning traits with her clear-cut voice and distinctive, crafted musicality. The track is kind of, a more down-tempo vibe than I would usually pick out, but I enjoyed how the track, teams poignant lyrics with a catchy, simple, riff and has intensity. Sydnee Carter’s talent is obvious, she is a singer-songwriter with heart and soul. Sydnee’s music is ready-made for your stereo system, for your headphones and in the instance of “Drug Was You” a shoo-in for soundtrack consideration. (The track having, both haunting and epic qualities.)

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