We DO love us some Scandinavian pop here at EQ, this is resoundingly true. More being, that it is within our way to look further afield than these shores, in hooking out the cream of new electronic pop significance the wide world over.

In our findings, Norway hasn’t faired so badly in topping up our new music quota with icy synthtronic gems neither, cementing Norwegian acts such as:- Royksopp, Mr Little Jeans, The Green Children, and Kaleida, but to name a few, amongst those who have since become firm favourites.

For the majority of the acts noted above, the music plays to a certain type. In the main, cool minimal beats hit the air where they are met with a reflective tone ongoing through-out the lyrics and outwards into the vocals.

Of course, this doesn’t remain the case for ALL of Norwegian electronic pop! It has variety enough just as anywhere else does. It’s just that Norway does kinda impose some of the best glacially compelling offerings of anywhere, that’s all.

So, to be alerted to a band which steers away from the considered sound norm is something curious, intriguing and refreshing all the same. As is with the case amounting to Oslo outfit Lovespeake who diversify through indie directed, ambiently fed electronica, quickened by a cheery up-tempo bounce. Somewhere cut into the funky disco-pop vein the same way that Shake Aletti’s nu-retro styling’s were once tumbling out.

Current release “Dreamer” particularly ooozes with the synth sunny vibes garnered up of dream-wave influence, to pique a soundtrack classified worthy to enhance lazy Sunday chillaxing.