Here’s someone who is as fond as Ace Of Base as I am!

McEwen is the new stage name of none other than one of our favourite electronic pop kids, Adam Tyler. Who after a brief hiatus with music is sporting this new moniker and shining a light, by giving a new electrifying spin on some of his favourite hits of the 90’s, which will culminate in the forthcoming release of the “90’s Kid” EP.

My adoration for Ace of Base knows no abounds and McEwen told us that he completely felt the same, naming them as one of the greatest music acts of all time (in his opinion). The Swedes hit “Don’t Turn Around” was one of the songs which kicked-started McEwen’s love of pop music. I can only appreciate that by going in on a reimagining of it, must have been an extremely fulfilling experience.

I’ve always considered that Ace Of Base’s tracks have the perfect appeal of summery feel. Scandi, tropical vibes that had the balance completely on point. McEwen’s, Sky Felix produced interpretation of the 90’s classic does the business by bringing the track up-to-date with plenty of electric energy carrying it along. Topped off with a very nice emotively evolved vocal indeed.

Get McEwen on your radar now, as there’s more pop gems on the way and I’m confident they’ll be just as brilliantly thought-out and executed as with all of the material that Adam Tyler previously lit up our lives with.

Enjoy as a FREE DOWNLOAD on McEwen’s website.