So I very nearly, but not quite made a prediction, the last time I wrote about L Devine. As a way of signing off my emerging artist feature on the rising pop star, I made this parting comment. I” expect to see her name appear on lots of festival line-ups in the not so distant future and to also prominently occupy quite a lot of my music for listening pleasure time this year.” I did not envisage what was coming (I don’t think anybody really did!) However, L Devine was perhaps the earliest adopter of switching her proposed live shows to that of a livestream, online URL tour whereas everyone else just followed suit. I just thought if this isn’t the wiliness of a bona fide pop star in the making, at work, then I don’t know what is.

With the release of “Boring People“, things were definitely taking off, the consequences of then slamming the brakes-on, incomprehensible. Fortuitously, the switch to digital has reaped even more benefits for the young singer, that I’ve lost count of the number of, online streaming line-ups she’s consequently been featured in. In the bigger scheme of things, it all helps with keeping her visible, current and ahead of the curve. While enables this future pop sensation, to keep with her plan of releasing new tracks, like “Don’t Say It.”

“‘Don’t Say It” is about, when someone tells you, they love you, but they don’t mean it, they’re just telling you what you want to hear. It’s about how beautiful the lie is and how much you try to believe it, but the truth always reveals itself and hurts you.” Devine explains

Consider “Don’t Say It” as the yin to the yang of previous single “Boring People.” L Devine’s latest cut is one of, starry synths with humble lyrics (although not less observant and thoughtful.) It’s a sweeter taste from her amazing repertoire thus far. When I say sweet, don’t think sugar-coated truths, this is not L Devine’s edge. Better we understand, authenticity rocks the pop star on-the-rise world. I wholeheartedly approve of this. Keep an eye out for her online, you are bound to bump into her somewhere, where there’s either an online festival being streamed or the fail-safe option being Growing Pains” her podcast on Spotify where she chats, coming of age stories, with per pop star mates, family and friends. (Latest episodes include banter with MNEK and Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood.)

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