It was on my mind to cover the new The 1975 song these past few days. However, since the track came out and has yet, to fuel the excite in me. I finally came to the decision not to write about it. My reluctance however, has lead me to pay closer attention to Filipino-Japanese synth-pop singer-songwriter Ena Mori. With her debut album “Don’t Blame The Wild One!” just out. There was a cohesion of electronic experimentation from her, primed and ready for me to explore.

When I say the album is fearless in its intent. I mean it. While listening, I noticed Ena interpolates swelling synth-pop between delicious off-kilter moments. She covers a wide range of topics which are carried around a central theme of being bold and unapologetic. The glistening single releases “Fall InLove!” “SOS” “Vivid,” and “Oh, Bleeding Hearts?” In these beautiful packaged music vessels. Is where she speaks eloquently about ignorance, disillusionment, and feeling outcast. And is where she discusses her own insecurities and other sensitive issues. Confirming this, Ena imparts. “This record is a love letter to myself and whoever feels less like themselves.”

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Taking the spotlight. Manila-based Mori has released her debut album title track, “Don’t Blame The Wild One!“. The song. (One of her more experimental tracks.) Features wholehearted and honest lyrics that address the topic of self-worth.

“Tell me your feelings. I speak. Louder. Louder. Till, my voice is gone. Tell me your feelings. I speak. Louder. Louder for the quiet ones, hurting your feelings.” She sings

Her words. Become a rallying call to lost souls and the broken. They give a sense of hope with a boost of optimism. Where they explore feelings of disconnection, isolation and feeling out of place. Both lyrically astute and melodically enchanting. Her alt-pop grooves captivate. These ignite a promising, electrifying brand. In her first body of work. She finds inspiration in acts such as Cocteau Twins, Bjork and Talking Heads.

Translates the above in the music which is slick, stylish, and hyper-cool. And where I notice her (Ena) as fascinating and mentally stimulating. In the same way as I do artists such as Grimes and Kate Bush. (The latter who Ena Mori’s work bares a passing resemblance.)

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