I awoke today yearning for a brilliant indie-pop track to bless my ears. With a quick delve into the EQ submissions inbox, I soon found the latest Flawes song, “Don’t Blame Me“. Hence my search for a tasty indie-pop morsel ended almost as soon as it began. The London via Yorkshire trio are powering to the release of their sophomore album, “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward,” due June 9th. This was an album title chosen because of reflecting upon the disruptive few years that occurred around the pandemic as the band’s profile soared and they were set for greatness.

With the track “Don’t Blame Me,” they unquestionably have an earworm on their hands. Soft electronic keys mesh with yearning guitars to create a mesmerising melody. Provides a catchy hook. In turn, makes the song feel so powerful to me. The track is packed with feel-good music vibes so big. I would go so far as to say it is equal amounts radio, festival and arena-ready.

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Describing the premise of the track, Flawes say…

“It recognises the start of the relationship. Basically it’s like a disclaimer to say you think its a bad idea, so don’t blame me when it all goes wrong.”

All in all, with the help of Keith William, Sam Backoff and Rob Late, Flawes did not write a break-up song per se, but rather that they wrote a prelude to one. The insightful songwriting mastery displayed here is impressive. The unabashed honesty of this penmanship brings about a certain magical allure, to be truthful.

From my revelling in the song “Don’t Blame Me” for a bit, I understand Flawes are a band that holds their own. Mixing catchy indie pop with electronic influences and more. They have their listeners precisely where they want them. Hotly anticipating what the band has to offer next.

The album, “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward,” is available to pre-order or pre-save HERE

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