There is something pleasingly entrancing with Shadowlark’s debut cut “Do Your Worst”, in that it doesn’t jump on a trend. However, what the trio can be noted for is this. Starting out on a statement making pop mission, exposing personal authentic lyrics amid a soundscape built up of cinematic proportions by way of an undercurrent of synths and layers of guitars and drums.

I can’t help but notice a timbre in Ellen Smith’s vocal that strikes a smokey resemblance to Gabriella Cilmi, and this I really like because the prickles of rock chicness Ellen’s vocals offer up are dynamically exciting and full with impact.

This track leaps about, pollinating a crossover of genres, to which I’m not settled in my opinion of which envelope it best fits into but I can tell you the opening few bars of introduction with its moody synths and shimmery accents together with Ellen’s beguiling vocal was the elixir that drew me in.

When “Do Your Worst” hits its peak, it blossoms out with a punky new-wave attack in its structure, enough to warrant a bit of attention from EQ, so I thought. If you ask me, there is too much formulated pop out there and I care to think this debut from Shadowlark brings about a bit of texture and boldness. The bands confident approach certainly got me listening up for sure.