THANKS - Dizzy Artwork

We sure haven’t gone in on anything so brazenly disco-tastic in a while, mainly because almost every new act out there are so intent pouring on with the dark pop lead evocativeness that is everywhere saturating the life out of perky pop as we once knew it. But you know, we are actually more than welcoming to be changing into our disco pants once a while, but to be fair, when it’s cut with a bit of creative difference and artistic flair.

For our dancefloor blitzing workout we are taken onside by the Danish production duo of Anders and Anders assuming the name of THANKS. Names which should raise a few eyebrows if you know your Danish pop inside and out, or better still if you know your Alphabeat from your alphabet.

Thing is, as we’ve known them from way back and we know, that we can readily count on these particular Danes to give out a level of frivolity bar none. FACT!

Do we like that they are dropping a bone fide dizzying dancefloor banger on us? Well, yes because a) it lives up to its name – b) its curiously addictive, super-sized fun and it’s been way long since we’ve heard the ring-a-ding-ding of a cowbell leading us to the dancefloor or anywhere for that matter.

We can’t help but love these Danish pop mavericks actually, they have always had the way about them to perk us up in an instant with their bright-sided ditties fit to bursting with enthusiasm and rainbow colours.

They do not disappoint with “Dizzy” it’s off-the-cuff and a tad bonkers, and right now we delight in its way out there boldness very much, even though at times it sounds like the hallowed flamboyant might of Studio 54 realness has been swallowed up and chowed down by Daft Punk.